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How does it work?

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During a consultation, I will record measurements of each space and assess the current state of organization.  Once we have discussed your goals/aspirations for the area at hand, I will develop an estimate for my services. You will receive a breakdown of pricing and duration needed to complete the project.  If more time is needed for me to develop a plan for your services then an email with all information attached will be sent to you within 24 hours. 


Now it is time to schedule! We will go over a date and time that corresponds with both parties' schedules. Once an agreement contract has been signed, a down payment will be paid to your organizer.  This will be either right after your consultation in person or the day of your service in person if you needed time to think about your options. (Paying a down payment during your consultation allows me to go ahead and get your materials the day before and not have to schedule extra time during our appointment). I am perfectly fine with either option. This will be discussed in the pervious step.

 The rest of the balance will be collected when the service is finished. This allows clients to add any additional services which can be accounted for as well in the total.  


Prepare for the magic! Since the day of service is now agreed upon, what should you do next?

During consultation you may decide whether to have myself, or yourself, declutter your space or deep clean your appliances/furniture. If these services are not added on, I will discuss what will need to be completed before the date of service. If everything is left up to me... then sit back, relax and get ready to be organized.

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